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Considering a Central Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home?

Sewing and Vacuum Authority is your go-to expert for EVERYTHING related to central vacuum cleaners. Whether you're considering a central vacuum for the first time, or you have a central vacuum cleaner in need of servicing and repair, Sewing and Vacuum Authority's Central Vacuum Team is here to help you. We specialize in all aspects of central vacuum installation and repair and we also offer the most technologically advanced solutions like the Hide-A-Hose.

If you're shopping for a central vacuum cleaner, we've got a variety of options to consider. You can check out our selection and shop online. If you have questions about central vacuum cleaners, we're happy to help you figure out which machine is the best one for your unique needs and budget. Depending on the type of central vacuum cleaner that you choose, we offer many different nozzles and attachments. These tools work to customize your cleaning experience, providing just the right type of power and suction for your unique cleaning needs.  Click here to learn more about central vacuum cleaners from Sewing and Vacuum Authority.

If you already own a central vacuum cleaner, our expert team is available to assist with any servicing or repair. We also carry any of the parts, supplies, and accessories that you might need.  For additional information about our central vacuum products and services, fill out the contact form for a quick response from a central vacuum expert at Sewing and Vacuum Authority. For immediate help, call us directly at 812-283-1975 or email We look forward to serving you.