Vacuum Cleaner Rentals Starting at $14.99/Day!

Vacuum cleaner rentals are now available at all 7 Sewing and Vacuum Authority locations across Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia! Vacuum cleaner rentals start at $14.99 / day and are great for quick cleaning jobs that may need more vacuum cleaning power than your personal vacuum can deliver!

If you’re moving out of a house and want to clean the floors one more time but your personal vacuum cleaner is packed up, we’ve got a vacuum rental for you! If you’re remodeling a home and need a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that can clean up drywall, dust, and grit, we’ve got the vacuum rental for you! If you are cleaning a commercial space and need a powerful, portable vacuum cleaner, we’ve got the vacuum rental for you at Sewing and Vacuum Authority!
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Carpet Cleaner Rentals Also Available

Carpet cleaner rentals are now available at all Sewing and Vacuum Authority! Visit your local Sewing and Vacuum Authority store and speak to an expert about renting a carpet cleaner to take care of tough stains! Carpet cleaners can use either the dry method or the wet extraction method to clean carpeting and we offer both at all Sewing and Vacuum Authority locations!

Wet Extraction Method VS Dry Method

The debate about which carpet cleaning method is better for your flooring and home has been discussed among carpet cleaners since the development of the two methods. Both are effective ways to clean carpeting, but it is important to know the difference!
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