Simplicity Synergy Deluxe – S40D

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Expect nothing short of amazing. The Synergy Series from Simplicity sets the bar in performance ease of use and durability.



Simplicity has been manufacturing vacuums for years. These American-made vacuums are constructed in Missouri. Simplicity challenged themselves to make the best vacuum – ever! With this challenge Simplicity developed the patented Tandem Air System which no one else has available. The Tandem Air System creates an unbeatable clean and is an excellent product for anyone with allergies. How does it work? One motor creates the vacuum power that brings in the dirt that the brushroll stirs up, while the second motor brings in fresh air that propels the dirt into the bag. Why into a bag? Because in a bag the dirt is concealed and trapped! There are two objectives in vacuuming, one is capturing the dirt, two is keeping the dirt contained to be thrown away. No-one does a better job of this than the Synergy Tandem Air System by Simplicity.




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