Simplicity Synchrony Deluxe

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The Tandem Air Series of uprights from Simplicity are demonstrably the most powerful uprights made.



When you’re using the Simplicity Synchrony Deluxe, it makes chore time fly by thanks to its patented Tandem Air System that cleans your home’s floors, walls and ceilings with two approaches to cleaning, lifetime power belt, HEPA filtration system, an self-sealing bag that keeps dirt trapped until you’re ready to get rid of it! The Simplicity Synchrony Deluxe takes all of the best features that Simplicity is known for and combines them into one, convenient, lightweight vacuum model. With a steel bottom plate for durability, this vacuum cleaner is built to last and the replaceable brushstrips for the brushroll allow you to customize your vacuum to the specific flooring type you’re cleaning.




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