Mini Furnace Jackson Infrared Heater

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The Jackson Infrared Quartz Heater is a tower style heater that can heat small rooms up to 750 sq. ft.



The Mini Furnace Jackson Heater is designed to heat smaller rooms with safe, effective infrared heat. Don’t settle for electric or ceramic heat when you can have infrared heat for nearly the same price. The Jackson Heater has 3 safely encased infrared elements that are capable of heating a small room quickly and efficiently. The Jackson by Mini Furnace is backed by a 1 year warranty and can be used year around as a fan or a heater.


Mini Furnace

1 review for Mini Furnace Jackson Infrared Heater

  1. Sara L-Thornton (verified owner)

    I just ordered two of these to supplement and hopefully replace a lot of the work our central heating has to do. I live in an older homes so there are some drafty spots, and we have old dogs with old cold bones. Day one these heaters have warmed up the room and surrounding areas they have been placed in and I finally feel warm and toasty in time for freezing weather! Also, it was a little surprise to learn the heater could also be used as a fan in the non-cold months… which is fantastic! One less thing to haul up to the attic when the season changes!

    • Russell Gay

      We are delighted to hear how much you enjoy your Mini Furnace !!!

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