Mini Furnace Bozeman Infrared Heater (2 Pack)

$299.99 $199.99

The Bozeman Mini Furnace Infrared Heater is one of the safest infrared heaters you can buy.



The Bozeman Mini Furnace Infrared Heater is a great value for your hard earned dollar. These 6 Element Zone heaters are a safe and efficient way to provide supplemental heating in your home when colder weather blows in. With 3 heat settings – High, Low, and Eco – you can control the power output whenever you choose to. The settings limit the power going to the elements, in turn making this a very efficient heater. The Bozeman from Mini Furnace is guaranteed to fill the room with even heat wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. Each box comes with 2 Bozeman Heaters!


Mini Furnace


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