Intervac Garage Vac

$329.99 $299.99

The InterVac Garage Vacuum cleaner is a product of the U.S. and is a powerful and compact vacuum cleaner. Free shipping available!



Create your own car detailing shop and save space. No more bulky canisters or complicated installations. The GarageVac installs in as little as 10 minutes and takes up half the wall space of other garage vacuums. Designed with the garage in mind, GarageVac helps you organize your space and gives you all the tools you need to keep it clean. GarageVac is so flexible it can work with any garage organization system on the market. And there’s no need to be confined to the garage with your GarageVac unit! Thanks ot our wall mounted option: the GarageVac is portable and can be taken on RVs, boats, or to the weekend cabin!




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