Industrial Sewing Machine Repairs and Maintenance

Sewing and Vacuum Authority has made a name for itself in the commercial sewing industry. The Louisville, Kentucky based company not only offers a wide variety of sewing and embroidery machines for sale online and at three locations across Kentucky and Southern Indiana but also offers a vast array of repair services. Whether sewists are looking to get their at-home machine fixed or simply want to keep their machine tuned up and running as smoothly as possible, it’s guaranteed that there is a Sewing and Vacuum Authority location nearby that can help.

Now, Sewing and Vacuum Authority is expanding our repair services to also cover industrial sewing machines, longarm quilting machines, multi-needle embroidery machines, and sergers. That’s right! Now large scale sewing and fabrication operations can call on Sewing and Vacuum Authority when an industrial machine is in need of repair or servicing. And at-home sewists who have larger machines that they are unable to move or machines that have more complicated operating systems can also call on Sewing and Vacuum Authority. The team of repair technicians across the three Sewing and Vacuum Authority locations is trained in servicing and repairing various brands of industrial sewing machines, longarm quilting machines, multi-needle embroidery machines and sergers including ConSew, Juki, Pfaff, Brother, Singer, and Yamata as well as HandiQuilter, Bernina, APQS, Gammill, King Quilter, and Grace to name a few.

Industrial Sewing Machine Repair and Service

If you have an industrial sewing machine that is in need of repair or service and you’re unable to bring it into your local Sewing and Vacuum Authority, give us a call or request a service appointment through our convenient online form. Our team of trained repair technicians is able to make COVID-19 safe service calls to diagnose what the issue is and what it will take to get the machine back in working order. Once our trained technicians diagnose the issue, they will review what steps need to be taken to repair it and will schedule another service call to get the job done.

Longarm Quilting Machine Service and Repair

Sewists who own longarm quilting machines know that once you get a longarm quilting machine placed, there’s not a lot that will cause you to move it. With an average size of 12 feet long, it would take a team of experts to get an assembled longarm quilting machine into a Sewing and Vacuum Authority for service and repair. So, what do you do when your longarm quilting machine quits working optimally? Give the experts at SVA a call or schedule a service online to have a member of our team come to you and get your longarm quilting machine back in tip top shape.

Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine Repair and Service

Multi-needle embroidery machines can be brought into the store or serviced from home and Sewing and Vacuum Authority is happy to offer local sewists both options. Our Sewing and Vacuum Authority stores in Louisville, Kentucky; Clarksville, Indiana; and Greenwood, Indiana are staffed with highly-trained repair and service technicians who are happy to assist those who bring their machines into a Sewing and Vacuum Authority location as well as those who would rather avoid moving their machine and prefer for a technician to make a service call.

Serger Service and Repair

All of the added benefits of a serger when compared to a beginner sewing machine make for a machine that can pack a punch despite its small size. However, all of those added benefits also open up a multitude of opportunities for things to break or lose their operating efficiency. Sewing and Vacuum Authority knows sergers and is happy to diagnose any issues that may be causing a serger machine to not operate as efficiently as it can. Bring in your serger or let us come to you, either works for us, and both in-store service appointments as well as house calls can be scheduled through our online form.

Schedule Your Industrial Sewing Machine Repair Appointment Today!

Sewing and Vacuum Authority is proud to offer their expanded repair services across Louisville, Kentucky; Clarksville, Indiana; and Greenwood, Indiana and the company’s repair technicians are available for both in-store appointments and service calls depending on your machine and the issue at hand.

Call your most conveniently located Sewing and Vacuum Authority to schedule an appointment or use our online form! We’re here to help and will do what we can to ensure the longevity of your industrial sewing machine, serger, multi-needle embroidery machine, or longarm quilting machine because at Sewing and Vacuum Authority, we sell the best and repair the rest!