Central Vacuum Overview

Enjoy a Central Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

Sewing and Vacuum Authority provides some of the best ways to clean up life’s messes, especially with the help of a central vacuum cleaner. These lightweight and portable machines feature a lengthy hose to make vacuuming a simpler task. You’ll move easily around furniture, on stairs, and across any type of floor surface with a central vacuum cleaner from Sewing and Vacuum Authority.

Depending on the type of central vacuum cleaner that you choose, we offer many different nozzles and attachments available for purchase. These tools work to customize your cleaning experience, providing just the right type of power and suction for your unique cleaning needs. Our experienced team also takes care of servicing and repair, regardless of where you purchased your central vacuum system.

Breathe Cleaner Air with a Central Vacuum Cleaner

Perhaps one of the most impressive benefits of central vacuum systems is their ability to improve your indoor air quality.

A central vacuum cleaner system is different from other portable vacuums which tend to re-circulate dust back into the air after every use. Because of their excellent ability to effectively remove dirt, dust and pet dander, many allergists recommend purchasing a central vacuum cleaner to improve your home’s air quality.

While standard vacuums typically recycle dust particles into the air, central vacuum systems, which are more powerful and offer stronger suction, carry away all dust, dirt, and allergens, storing them outside the living area in a collection receptacle. The dirty air is then expelled outdoors instead of being released back into your home. The result is noticeably cleaner air and significantly healthier indoor breathing conditions, especially important for those who suffer from allergies.

Complete with a self-cleaning feature and the very best HEPA filters, when you purchase a central vacuum cleaner, you’ll enjoy an extended product life and a cleaner home.

Central Vacuums Offer Convenience and Maneuverability

Beam Central Vacuum SystemAnother worthwhile feature of central vacuum systems is convenience and maneuverability. Because central vacuums operate through a network of PVC pipes within the walls, sucking dirt and debris into a large capacity receptacle in your garage or basement, you simply need to plug a lightweight hose (up to 35 feet long) into the designated inlets throughout your house to efficiently clean your entire indoor space.

No more hauling cumbersome canisters and inconvenient uprights, while trying to navigate around furniture, climb the stairs, or clean hard-to-reach spaces.

You can take the convenience of your central vacuum one step further with Hide-A-Hose! The Hide-A-Hose system is a space saving, automatically retractable hosing storage system that is integrated into your central vacuum tubing line. Hide-A-Hose is very straightforward, easy-to-use, and convenient. Say goodbye to the days of old when you struggled with moving the long, bulky, central vacuum hose up and down stairs or from room to room. Each inlet can store enough house to clean an area of up to 2,300 square feet. You can also say goodbye to those times spent struggling to store the vacuum hose in a closet or other storage area since the Hide-A-Hose system automatically retracts into the wall using the same suction that powers your central vacuum.

Benefits Far Outweigh Cost

A wide range of misconceptions regarding costs, installation, and effectiveness, often overshadow the vast benefits of central vacuum systems.  While paying up to one thousand dollars or more for a central vacuum may seem a bit steep, it’s an investment that will not only increase your property value but save you the hassle and cost of maintenance fees and the replacement of portable vacuum every few years.  Our central vacuums are built in the USA and on average last 25 years.  It is very likely over the next 25 years you will buy atleast 5 $500 vacuums.  I cannot emphasize enough the health aspects of a central vacuum.  When 100% of the dust and debris goes out to the main unit it is

How Much?

We have new construction 2 inlet systems starting at only $1299 and a 2 inlet hide a hose system for a 3,000 sq foot home with primarily hard wood flooring starting at only $1999.  If you need to simply replace an old unit we offer INSTALLED & WARRANTIED new units from $599.  Simply call or text me direct at 502-387-4062 and we can schedule a repair or replacement within 24 hours.  My cell phone # is 502-387-4062 and I look forward to helping you personally get what you need.  We offer a LOW PRICE PROMISE and over 30 years of business in our community.