Best Vacuum For Pet Owners

As much as you may enjoy the companionship of your dog or cat, cleaning up your furry friend’s pet hair can be a tiresome chore. Fortunately, finding the best vacuum for pet hair can help you keep your home free of the hair and dander your pet leaves behind. But how do you select the right vacuum cleaner for your needs when there are so many to choose from?

Start by considering vacuum cleaners that are made with animals in mind. The best vacuum for pet hair is designed with special features that address the concerns of pet owners. Consider the Miele Cat N Dog series and the Simplicity Synchrony or Synergy series.

For example, the vacuum cleaner will be powerful enough to clean your home quickly, without having to vacuum the same areas over and over. Sufficient wattage, suction, and airflow will ensure that your new vacuum can lift pet hair from your carpet and effectively pull it into the bag or bin.

Pet hair can quickly fill up vacuum bags. Many pet-care vacuum models come with large capacity bags, as well as specially designed onboard tools to help you remove pet hair from upholstery, bedding or walls. Bagless vacuums hold only 33% of the average bagged vacuum so you will need to empty them more frequently.

Bagless vacuums require more maintenance to keep them running great. Why? Think of what it would be like if you pushed all that dirt through your air filter and then emptied that dirt somewhere. Well, you would intern need to wash that filter and bin. Most filters are not washable and you must change them frequently. Adding another step to the cleaning process. I am a bagged vacuum fan and I admit it but it is only because it is simply easier and cleaner. I don’t mind changing a bag every 3-4 months and drop it in the trash can.

Vacuum Smell? What can you do?

I recommend a vacuum with a charcoal filter that you must replace after it has done all the odor absorbing it can do (1 year typically). The only vacuums that have this feature are the Simplicity Synchrony & Synergy Series and the Miele Cat + Dog Series we carry.

Can I tell a difference? You better believe it as charcoal is a fantastic natural odor absorber. We offer several products in store from Fresh Wave and Moso to absorb odors for the other vacuums on the market without actually adding a fragrance to mask them.

Because animals increase allergens in your home and contribute to poor air quality, many vacuum models are equipped with filtration systems such as HEPA filters which help remove less visible pet dander and trap collected air so it’s not recirculated back into your home.

Cleaning up after pets requires a vacuum cleaner with maneuverability. The best vacuum for pet hair should offer a convenient design that lets you navigate around furniture easily and clean hard-to-reach areas. Accessories should include tools for cleaning stairs, upholstery, bedding and other above-floor surfaces. Because you’ll be vacuuming more often, the vacuum cleaner you choose should also be solidly built to withstand the wear and tear of constant use.

Miele, the German-engineered appliance company, offers a Cat & Dog vacuum with pet owners’ needs in mind. This stylish upright comes with a 1200 watt Vortex Motor for powerful suction, along with an Air Clean Filter to reduce bad odors. Weighing in at a very manageable 22 pounds, it comes with a power brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool. The Miele Cat & Dog has earned the Good Housekeeping seal of approval and has been ranked by J.D. Power and Associates as the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Upright Vacuums.”

Simplicity, the American made vacuum company that you probably have never heard of puts the largest motors on the market in their vacuums. In this case size matters because the power generated to increase agitation or suction is vital to picking up dirt, pet hair and debris. Get into a Sewing & Vacuum Authority near you to see what we are talking about. Take advantage of our money back guarantee to ensure you find the right vacuum (cleaning appliance) for your home.

Keeping your home free of pet hair can be an exhausting task if you don’t have a vacuum designed to handle the job. Contact the Sewing & Vacuum Authority today to find the best vacuum for pet hair and for more information on vacuum models that address the unique challenges of pet owners.