Best Vacuum For Allergy Sufferers

According to Good Housekeeping, most homes have significant amounts of at least five allergy causing irritants. Carpet harbors its fair share of these allergens, including dust, dust mites, pet hair, and dander.

Simply stated the vacuum that deep cleans your carpets and bare floors the best is the one that will reduce the number of allergens that it contains. In my opinion, the vacuums with the best agitation and air flow design will significantly outperform cheaper models.

Don’t fall for the hype !!! Have you ever heard a vacuum company say that their vacuum never loses suction? Well, it started years ago and honestly, this line has been used by more companies than I can remember but it simply is not true. If you suck up a sock or clog any machine it will certainly lose suction.

The best vacuum for allergy sufferers is one that removes dust with a great agitator and strong motors to pull that dirt out but the other thing that is critical is the filtration process the vacuum uses to keep that dirt inside the machine. In my humble opinion, bagged vacuums offer far better filtration and long-term power due to their design. Remember the bag is actually a filter and when you see any truly hypoallergenic bag you will know what I am talking about. These bags could pass for a pillow on a late night and really help to keep the dust inside the vacuum and not seeping back out into your room and on your furniture. Simply think about where all that dust goes when you empty a bagless vacuum (right back into the air and that is only what you can see).

Here are some important considerations when comparing vacuum cleaners.


Because you suffer from allergies, frequent cleaning is part of life. Paying a little more money for a reliable vacuum cleaner with high performance can pay off in the long run. When shopping for the best vacuum for allergies, look for a model that’s solidly built to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. Consider a vacuum that has excellent deep cleaning ability to get down below the carpet surface to pick up allergens.

Beater Bar

Also known as a powerhead or power bar, this stiff-bristled tool helps vacuums lift more dirt and hair out of the carpet for enhanced cleaning. Eighty-five percent of embedded dirt is removed from agitation so a solid roller brush and brush motor are very important to performance.

High Filtration

While there are many vacuum cleaners designed for allergy sufferers, look for models that effectively trap 99.97% of all particles or higher, including minute particles of only 0.3 microns in size (by comparison, the human hair is 80-100 microns). This high level of filtration ensures that carpets and other surfaces are truly free of allergens, reducing the amount of time you need to spend vacuuming.

HEPA Filter

HEPA, an acronym for “high-efficiency particulate accumulation,” is a measurement of filtration. Today this acronym is used heavily by manufacturers and while some machines begin with a HEPA rating, they quickly lose that after they pick up dirt and debris. Look for a vacuum cleaner that has 2 motors and a true sealed system (Simplicity and Miele, for example). HEPA Filters have high-density materials, with randomly arranged fibers, designed to remove particles such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria for truly cleaner air.

Miele’s unique 12-stage AirClean™ filtration system retains over 99.9% of all fine particles from the air. And this is done without releasing harmful particles and allergens back into your home, safeguarding you and your family.

Simplicity vacuums patented Tandem Air design utilizes two motors to not only suck dirt into the vacuum from below the bag but also another motor that drives the brush roll motor to lift embedded debris.

Design, Tools, and Features

If the surface area of your home is mostly covered in carpet, an upright vacuum cleaner may be a good bet when shopping for the best vacuum for allergies. Canister vacuums work well for homes with mostly bare floor space, with scattered rugs, and stairs.

Ease of use and maneuverability are important factors to consider if you are looking for the best vacuum for allergies. A well-designed vacuum cleaner will help you navigate around and under furniture, as well as access and clean tight spaces. Specialized tools and accessories can help you clean upholstery, bedding, stairs and other above-floor surfaces.

AAFA Standards

Make sure the vacuum cleaner you want to purchase has been tested for the following capabilities, as outlined by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA):

  • Ability to remove allergens from carpets
  • Levels of airborne allergens in the air while the vacuum is in use
  • The integrity of the vacuum’s filter system
  • The performance just before vacuum bat or receptacle is full
  • Exposure of user to allergens while changing or emptying vacuum bag or receptacle

Simplicity Vacuums meet and exceed these guidelines. They offer exceptional filtration and performance qualities. The Simplicity Freedom is a lightweight vacuum (only 8 pounds!) that gives you the freedom to clean pretty much anywhere. It’s equipped with HiFlow HEPA filtration. This allows for high airflow for deep cleaning and superior filtration for eliminating allergens. The Simplicity Synchrony & Synergy offer 5 & 6 layers of pre-filtration, post filtration and in some cases odor absorbing charcoal filtration. Visit Simplicity Vacuums for more information.

Miele Vacuums are renowned for their quality and filtration aspects. Whether you choose a Hepa AirClean filter or an Active Carbon (charcoal) filter you can rest assured with genuine Miele vacuum bags you will keep the dust and dirt inside the vacuum and not in the air you breathe.

You can vastly improve the interior air quality of your home and other living spaces by using the best vacuum for allergy sufferers with the features mentioned above. If you’d like to know more about the best vacuum for allergies, contact our knowledgeable staff at the Sewing & Vacuum Authority! No matter your floor care concerns, we can help you select a vacuum cleaner that will keep your home fresh, clean and allergen free.

Here’s a tip! Always dust your home with a vacuum cleaner as it is then trapped inside the vacuum and not merely scattered or pushed to the floor only to rise again into the air.