Best Infrared Heater For Home

Portable infrared heaters offer superior heating.

When it comes to shopping for a portable heater, Sewing and Vacuum Authority is the place to go. We offer a great selection of the best portable infrared heaters and fireplaces at the most competitive prices. If you are looking to warm up a room in your home or office, a Mini Furnace Infrared Heater is the perfect solution for basements, family rooms, bonus rooms, enclosed patios, workshops and other hard-to-heat areas.

The Mini-Furnace brand feature high-efficiency quartz infrared heating elements within solid copper heat exchangers. Inside the heat exchangers, ambient air is pulled in and safely increased 115 degrees.

best infrared heater for home or office is available for you from the Sewing & Vacuum AuthorityWhy Mini-Furnace?

  • Safety – each unit comes with not one but two safety switches to ensure that it will shut off in case the unit were to overheat, tip over or any other unsafe scenario.
  • Cost-Effective – these units operate at @ 8.5 cents per hour. I don’t think you will find a more cost-effective way to heat a room than this.
  • Even-Heat – Mini Furnace units heat evenly from floor to ceiling. They are not like other heaters that heat only directly in front of them.
  • The Longest Warranties in the Business – From 1 to 10 years you simply won’t find any other brand with warranties that are like this.

Because this infrared heating process is accomplished without combustion, infrared heaters and infrared fireplaces do not produce smelly fumes or harmful pollutants. By protecting recycled air from losing humidity, this safe infrared heater ensures warm heat that is not dry like typical space heaters.

6 Reasons to Warm Up with a Mini Furnace Heater

If you are shopping for a portable heating solution for your home or office, an infrared heater is a perfect choice for you. Follow along for more great reasons to buy an infrared heater at a Sewing and Vacuum Authority store today.

  1. Convenient Settings with Remote Control. At Sewing and Vacuum Authority, you’ll find that our infrared heater selection includes remote controls and easy-to-use settings.
  2. Increased Energy Efficiency. Our infrared heaters can be run on a low setting to use half the energy as on the normal high setting. You can set the temperature on your infrared heater or infrared fireplace heater for specific periods of time and on varying heat settings, depending on your needs.
  3. Truly Portable Heaters. Mounted on four caster wheels, you can easily roll our infrared heater units to wherever warmth is needed, and they plug in to any normal electrical outlet.
  4. Maintenance Free. The infrared quartz heaters available at Sewing and Vacuum Authority stores operate virtually maintenance free and our True Warranty Protection gives you the reassurance that any questions you have will be addressed.
  5. Big Money Savings. You’ll enjoy more affordable heat with an infrared heater from Sewing and Vacuum Authority. You can operate our infrared heaters for less than $1 a day. Our infrared heaters can dramatically reduce your energy bills when used properly (see store associate for more info).
  6. Evenly Distributed Heat. The warming heat produced by our infrared heaters is evenly distributed from floor to ceiling, and from front to back in a room.

Wondering which infrared heater is for you?

As always, it is our pleasure to show you the differences between different infrared heater brands and models. Our True Warranty Protection guarantees that we stand behind what we sell so you are certain to get the very best service, and all the answers you need. Visit Sewing and Vacuum Authority stores today for a great deal on a new infrared heater.