About Us

About the Sewing and Vacuum Authority – Family Owned Since 1983

The Sewing & Vacuum Authority, is a family owned company that’s been doing business for 37 years. Our mom and pop beginnings drive our vision to provide a better customer experience. We are the experts in the areas we serve (Vacuums, Sewing Machines, Fabric, Air Purifiers, Carpet & Floor Care Products, Central Vacuums, Repair, Parts and Service, Central Vacuums).

Now the second generation has taken over and the business has grown and changed into new areas… However, one thing has never changed… our commitment to providing our customers with exceptional service and a quality product at a fair price. I guess you might say by now retail is in our blood and we truly enjoy helping customers find what they are looking for and making them happy. We believe that you will become a customer for life, if we do our job properly.

Why Shop at the Sewing & Vacuum Authority?

  • Our low price promise! If you find a lower price on a vacuum cleaner in the next 30 days we will refund you 125% of the difference. We guarantee it and don’t worry about Amazon, Walmart and all the rest. We know what their prices are and don’t want you to pay more to shop here.
  • Want the most for your money? Let us help. All our employees are trained professionals and can help you find the right product at the right price for you.
  • You can try before you buy! Many websites sell products and big box stores as well but where else can you actually plug it in and try it before you buy it? Have you seen the best your money can buy? Have you talked to an expert lately? Come in and let us show you what each machine has to offer.
  • Free assembly available! We put it together for FREE and carry it to the car. It is simply how we roll.
  • We offer a money back guarantee. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t love it you simply should not keep it. Try it in your own home.
  • Get free lessons with any sewing machine purchase! When you buy a sewing machine at the Sewing and Vacuum Authority, not only will you get a great machine at a great value but you’ll also get free sewing lessons. We want you to use and enjoy any machine you buy from us. Stop by one of our store locations today to learn more about free lessons and our current sewing class schedule.
  • Get a free loaner! We’ll give you an available vacuum to use while your machine is being serviced.
  • We offer a true warranty protection. When you buy at the Sewing & Vacuum Authority we register your purchase and hold your receipt in our system. Our redundant servers ensure that we have your receipt even if you don’t. No run around if you buy here. Our trained technicians are fabulous and our manufacturers know we help our customers and in turn, work hard to ensure the best experience for our customers.
  • We partner with local charities! Our partnership with local charitable organizations ensures your trade-ins and donated vacuums get to low-income families and people that need them. We call that Sucksess.


“This location is a must see. The store has many different vacuum models to choose from. As I walked around, the store manager came right over to assist me. She was very professional and straight to the point. Her demonstration of the products was amazing. She showed me a couple different models to choose from that best suited what I was looking for. I was really impressed with her and her store. I will definitely buy here again, and will definitely recommend this location!”

– Stephanie Jenkins